Broadband microwave coaxial components and test equipment up to 110 GHz including couplers, power dividers, detectors, limiters, and power meters, with capabilities for custom solutions.


Truly disruptive technology! A complete RF and Microwave design flow from concept to prototype to production. Everything drops in and no soldering needed. Extremely versatile for applications thru 67 GHz, a must have for RF designers.

Macom Technology Solutions

At the leading edge of technology with the broadest portfolio of active devices in the industry and covering frequencies up to 100 GHz, Macom Technology Solutions is an essential partner for your design success.

Johanson Technology

Offering an entire ecosystem of miniature LTCC parts such as antennas, baluns, filters, and more for markets like IoT, wearables, Wifi, ISM, etc., Johanson Technology is a prime enabler for the connected world.

Southwest Microwave

Southwest Microwave provides precision interconnect solutions including SMA, N, TNC, 2.92mm, 2.4mm, 1.85mm, 1.0mm, and more. The very popular end launch connectors provide the industry's lowest VSWR and insertion loss for optimal signal integrity. Also check out the innovative high density interconnects for board to board and panel mount applications.


The Piconics broadband conical inductor is ideal for applications ranging from test instruments to microwave circuit design. This broadband inductor makes an excellent bias tee for use in communication platforms and RF test set-ups out to 100 GHz.

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Vertical launch, compression mount, 1.85mm connector
Southwest Microwave has announced a compression mount, vertical launch, 1.85mm connector operating up to 67 GHz. This product is similar to the popular end launch connectors as it is reusable and requires no solder, but it launches vertically off the PCB instead of clamping to the edge of the board. This promises to be a space-saver for test/characterization boards where the trace fan-out to accommodate end launch connectors introduces additional line lengths.
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